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The Ba Gua Zhang Method of Lu Shui-Tian


A system of Ba Gua Zhang handed down to Master Bok-Nam Park by Lu Shui-Tian, Qiang Shan Ba Gua Zhang is a complete combat and health-focused martial art. Originally known for its effectiveness against multiple opponents, Ba Gua Zhang is characterized by its highly efficient and evasive footwork, powerful palm strikes, snake-like body movements, and lightning-fast combinations.

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Qi Gong

The Ba Gua Zhang system of Qi Gong focuses on moving the joints, ligaments and tendons with the goal of strengthening the organs to improve one’s overall health. Following Natural Principles, our system of Qi Gong combines the ideas of Continuous Movement, Proper Breath, and Purposeful Focus to effectively cultivate and circulate Qi within the body.

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