It is the mission of the Qiang Shan Ba Gua Zhang Association to cultivate, preserve, and spread the art of Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Master Bok-Nam Park, to keep its teachings consistent with natural principles, and to serve as a resource for its members and schools. The Association will strive to preserve and cultivate relationships among its schools, disciples, and students.

Consisting of 7th and 8th generation lineage disciples, the Qiang Shan Ba Gua Zhang Association, founded by Master Bok Nam Park, was formed to carry on the art of Qiang Shan Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Lu Shui-Tian. All members were ordained Lineage Disciples at the approval of Master Park, and work together to promote and spread this art.

Many members of the association are also instructors in both Ba Gua Zhang and Qi Gong. Please visit our classes page to see if there’s a class or student group near you.