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Master Park performing Monkey Pose
I was fortunate to study with my teacher, Lu Shui-Tian, for 17 years. Over that time, he taught me many important lessons concerning Ba Gua Zhang. However, one of the most important things he did was to develop within me the wisdom to understand what is really valuable in the study of martial arts.
I am always getting questions from people asking me how they can learn faster. Usually, I am saddened by these kinds of questions because they reflect the current lack of patience in our society and culture, the schedule oriented nature of our educational system, and, the general lack of knowledge that exists on Taoism and Chinese Philosophy.

The Ba Gua Spear

Master Park With Spear
Bok-Nam Park and Ken Fish[Adapted and re-edited by F. Hriadil] Block, press, thrust, and pierce.  Block, press, thrust, and pierce.  Block, press, …  This endless sequence is the core of spear (qiang) training, regardless of the system.  Nonetheless, it would be a mistake to assume that all spear systems are cut from the same cloth.  While spear […]

Beyond Forms Practice

Master Park With Jian
By Bok-Nam ParkAdapted and re-edited by F. Hriadil Forms should not be taught to students until the fundamental skills are first developed. “I have water to give to thirsty students.  But, unless they have a cup for me to pour it into, they cannot hold the water.” The “cup” is symbolic of the fundamental skills […]
Master Park performing Monkey Pose
Master Park Bok-Nam is the Senior Lineage Disciple of Lu Shui-Tian of Shantung Province, China. He is an internationally renowned authority on Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang) and has developed one of the most comprehensive training programs available for learning Ba Gua.
Lu Shui Tian
Throughout many of the dynasties in China, tales and legends have been told about Taoism that involve balance in nature, mysticism, and immortality. Among some of the most popular stories that have been told are those about the Ba Shen or "Eight Immortals."
Master Park Meditating
As with all methods that are taught in our system, every student must start with the basics. The Basic Meditation Exercise, is very simple and direct. This method is designed to help the student learn how to relax the body, calm the mind, and improve mental concentration and focus.
The specific goals of Qi Gong (Chi Kung) practice may vary from one discipline to another; however in general, the martial arts practitioner will first want to develop and promote overall health and well-being by seeking a balanced distribution of energy in the body and by improving the body's efficiency in terms of energy movement and usage. This will include methods aimed at integrating and harmonizing the MIND + the BODY + the BREATH utilizing a safe, gentle, and well-balanced approach. Balance, efficiency, and a natural approach are the key elements to building a body which is strong internally. If the body's internal systems are not balanced in terms of energy production, distribution, and consumption; then, the body is not working optimally and any attempt at utilizing internal energy in a martial art or healing practice will only cause further imbalance that can eventually damage the body's internal systems.

The Stance For Combat

Master Park in Dragon Stance
Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang) is the art of continuous change and adaptability. As a result, Pa Kua recognizes that one of the necessary ingredients for success in combat is a high level of mobility and maneuverability. Furthermore, Pa Kua understands that the key to mobility and maneuverability lies in stepping and footwork, and the key to stepping and footwork lies in the stance/posture.
When referring to Qi or Internal development, the first aspect that should be addressed is Breathing. It is clear that a human being can live for a number of weeks without food and a number of days without water; but, a person cannot survive for much more than a few minutes without air. Developing the ability to breathe fully and efficiently is the key to significantly improving a person's health and quality of life.

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