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Master Park and Lu Shui Tian
Why are you studying the martial arts? What is your purpose? To learn forms? To learn fighting? To improve your health? I will not be addressing “sport martial arts” or “performance martial arts” here. The goals of those activities are fame and / or fortune, which are ego-based pursuits, and contrary to the philosophy, purpose, and principles of traditional martial arts practice, such as Qiang Shan Baguazhang.
In general, in the Ba Gua Zhang method of Lu Shui-Tian, all Ba Gua Zhang forms have a dual nature. This is in keeping with the Principle of Yin and Yang. The same form may be practiced either with a Qi Cultivation focus or a Qi Release - a fighting focus
The human body is designed for movement. It is composed of approximately 360 joints and 650 muscles that enable an almost infinite variety of large and delicate motions. These motions can range from simple gestures to highly complex and coordinated actions. It is a central principle of the natural world that there is no life without movement. As such, it is recognized in the Ba Gua Zhang method of Lu Shui-Tian that movement is a key element for maintaining the health of the body and living a normal, productive life. Movement is an inherent and fundamental characteristic of the human condition. Thus, any practice designed to improve the health of the body must incorporate movement as part of its method. But, movement alone is not enough.
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No single word epitomizes the effect that Master Park Bok-Nam has on the martial arts better than "enlightenment." It does not matter what system or style of martial art a person may practice. Any exposure to Master Park will strip away many confusing issues, questions, myths, or flat-out misinformation a practitioner might have about the enigmatic and continuously advancing art of Ba Gua Zhang.
Master Park and Glen Moore
"Take the fangs away from the snake and it can not bite you," explained my teacher, Master Bok-Nam Park. Although it was many years ago, I can still remember that phrase vividly. I had just finished one of the hardest fights of my life and felt like everything in my body was broken or at least bruised.
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The law is: “Softness (non-resistance), acceptance and non-contention.” “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A physical law, which most people know and understand on a physical plane, but not its psychophysical importance. Most of the actions of today’s “modern” person are attempts to resist the flow in the river of life, rather than flow with things as they are.
Jacopo Silicani At Italy Camp
My name is Jacopo Silicani. I teach Pa Kua Chang and serve as one of Master Park's representatives in Europe. My school is located in Padova, a town in Veneto, which is near Venice in the northeastern region of Italy.
Master Park performing Monkey Pose
I was fortunate to study with my teacher, Lu Shui-Tian, for 17 years. Over that time, he taught me many important lessons concerning Ba Gua Zhang. However, one of the most important things he did was to develop within me the wisdom to understand what is really valuable in the study of martial arts.
I am always getting questions from people asking me how they can learn faster. Usually, I am saddened by these kinds of questions because they reflect the current lack of patience in our society and culture, the schedule oriented nature of our educational system, and, the general lack of knowledge that exists on Taoism and Chinese Philosophy.

The Ba Gua Spear

Master Park With Spear
Bok-Nam Park and Ken Fish[Adapted and re-edited by F. Hriadil] Block, press, thrust, and pierce.  Block, press, thrust, and pierce.  Block, press, …  This endless sequence is the core of spear […]

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